We ensure the supply of our customers

Since 1951 at Nitroparis, we have bet on the quality of our product and above all on the service to our customers. We manufacture and distribute chemical products for pyrotechnics, explosives industry and technical applications.

2021 is being characterized by a turbulent year in international trade due to high transport costs and the general shortage of raw materials and their consequent rise in price. This international situation is affecting all sectors and the chemical sector specially. At Nitroparis, aware of the situation, we have reinforced our stock to guarantee supply to our customers.

Currently, we have stock of all the chemical products in our catalog at manufacturer prices for different industries such as pyrotechnics and raw materials for explosives and technical applications, weapons and chemical industries in general. Given the instability and high demand, we recommend that if you are interested in any of our chemical products, ask us for a quote to guarantee price and supply.

You can request a quote by e-mail, telephone or by filling in the form in the contact section:

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