Nitroparis was born in 1951 as a manufacturer of potassium nitrate and is currently the only Spanish company that manufactures this product . Given the growth of the company and due to the demands of customers, the range of commercialized products is expanded, currently having more than 400 references of products for different sectors, and new facilities are built, adapting their warehouses to the APQ regulations for contain various chemicals in differentiated areas.
Over the years and proving to be a serious and trustworthy company, Nitroparis, SL achieves several exclusive distributions for the Iberian Peninsula from important and recognized European multinationals, becoming one of the main manufacturers of potassium nitrate and complementary chemical products.

«Nitroparis, the only Spanish manufacturer of potassium nitrate»


Since the beginning of the company, Nitroparis has tried to combine tradition and avant-garde. A constant evolution based on experience and innovation, both in manufacturing processes and in quality and service to customers. Proof of this are the different awards received from different organizations for their career and business action.

Currently, the chemical products that Nitroparis SL exports are present in more than 53 countries, sending more than 62% of our manufacturing outside our borders to countless different industries: pyrotechnics, military, laboratories or even companies that preserve food.

Nitroparis is strongly committed to the quality and safety of products and facilities. In recent years, it has obtained the ISO 14001/9001 certificates and the AEO certificate, in addition to complying with all European regulations and legislation.


Award to the EXPORTING SME of the Castellón Chamber of Commerce 2009, 2013 and 2016

Nitroparis has been, since its inception, working in a constant evolution to improve both the quality of its products and the service to its customers. The Export Award is awarded for the work and effort made by Nitroparis in making its products known around the world. This award has been consolidated in the provincial economic sphere since 1979.

Ceremony for the delivery of the «Business Export Awards 2016» by the Chamber of Commerce from Castellón»

The Award, of an honorary nature, consists of a trophy established by the Chamber and an accrediting diploma that is delivered in a public and solemn act.