Copper powder for the manufacture of copper greases

In addition to pyrotechnic uses, our COPPER POWDER is also used for the manufacture of copper greases. A product widely used in different industries for its benefits as a lubricant, antioxidant, anti-seize, anticorrosive, resists high temperatures and high pressures.

Copper Paste is applied as a lubricant for the assembly of screwed joints and on sliding surfaces of all kinds: connections in pneumatic circuits, thread lubricants, torch nozzles in continuous welding, anchor pins, screws for ships, boilers, etc. . Assembly of chemical plants, drill collars. In the steel industry, for the billet clamps in the gripping mechanisms. In superheated steam installations, as a sealant. In the automotive industry, for screws, bearings, spark plugs, brakes …

Our R183A Copper Powder in high purity or in alloys and in different particle sizes, for different types of industries according to your needs. It is available in a 25 kg format. For more information you can contact, without obligation, our technical department.

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