Consumable for cold firework machines

Product formulated on the basis of a titanium alloy, used as a consumable in cold fire machines such as the Sparkular, to achieve effects from sources of sparks in events and shows.

We manufacture ULTRA FINE products according to your needs

To offer the best quality and service to our customers, we have the latest generation industrial equipment for grinding ULTRA FINE products. In this way we can adapt our manufacturing to any need for products with a particularly fine grain size like potassium nitrate.

We manufacture hydroalcoholic gel and air/surface disinfectant

We have developed two new products: NITRODES D101 hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection and NITRODES D102 an air and surface disinfectant. Registered and authorized by the Ministry of Health against COVID-19. Available in different formats.


Since 1951 manufacturing quality chemical products for the pyrotechnic, military, aerospace, automotive, food and chemical industries. Nowadays, Nitroparis is the onlyone manufacturer of potassium nitrate in Spain.

Quality guarantee

Committed to the quality of our products and services. We have certificates such as ISO14001 and 9001 and an excellent quality department.

Service and experience

Since 1951, we have known how important it is to offer good service to our customers. We guarantee the safety and correct delivery of our products.

Wide range of products

We have a wide range of products, formats and granulometries. The range of nitrates stands out, since Nitroparis is the only manufacturer of potassium nitrate in Spain.

International projection

The quality of our products and services has allowed us to position ourselves internationally, currently exporting to more than 50 countries.


We have a wide range of products and formats to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, we offer the possibility of manufacturing custom products.

Magnesium and alloys

Aluminum powders
Titanium, ferrotitanium, iron
Non-toxic pigments
Chlorates and perchlorates

Other products
Gums and resins
Non-chemical products


  • Copper powder for the manufacture of copper greases
    In addition to pyrotechnic uses, our powdered copper is also used for the manufacture of copper greases. A product widely used in different industries for its benefits as a lubricant, antioxidant, anti-seize, anticorrosive, resists high temperatures and high pressures.
  • We ensure the supply of our customers
    2021 is being characterized by a turbulent year in international trade due to high transport costs and the general shortage of raw materials and their consequent rise in price. This international situation is affecting all sectors and the chemical sector specially
  • New: SPARK-Ti, consumable for cold fire machines
    We want to present SPARK-Ti a new product that we have recently added to the Nitroparis catalog, specifically within the “Metals” family. It is a product formulated on the basis of a titanium alloy, used as a consumable in cold fire machines
  • Nitroparis wishes you a prosperous and happy 2021
    From Nitroparis, like every year, we wanted to support and congratulate all our clients with a special video. As a manufacturer of potassium nitrate and chemical products for different industries such as pyrotechnics, we are especially sensitive to all those sectors that are being affected by the current difficult situation.
  • We manufacture ULTRA FINE products customized according to the needs of our clients
    queremos informar a nuestros clientes que hemos incorporado recientemente equipos industriales de última generación para la molienda de productos ULTRA FINOS. De este modo podemos adaptar nuestra fabricación a cualquier necesidad de productos con una granulometría especialmente fina.